Dervish sufi’s whirl in a trance to reach higher planes while less austere types lean towards hash and alcohol to attain a state of elevation. Strangely, Turkish sufi’s will often gather in a place known as a “Tekke” which is also what the Greek hash dens are called; those havens for stranded immigrants and outcasts in search of solace in music, the pipe and comradeship. Parne Gadje’s sound is like a “Tekke”, a meeting place for wandering souls looking to escape, if only for a moment, the everyday madness of the world. The groups music, with its origins in Afghanistan, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary and Anatolia, has its roots firmly in the ground but is full of longing for higher places as well. Listening to the groove and drive of the fietsbandbas, the incantations of the Turkish pipes and velofoon, and the raw heartfelt singing of Marc Constandse, a feeling begins to grow. Embrace life fully, in all its beauty and torment!
(Text by Saskia Tornqvist)

Parne Gadje are:
Marc Constandse – banodoneon, vocals & percussion
Gerwil Kusters – clarinets, saxophones
Jorick Bronius – electronics & percussion and all other required sounds
Dan Tuffy – fietsbandbas, electric & acoustic guitars
Michiel Bakkes-de Vries – tapan & percussion